What does Shingle Restoration Services do?

Shingle Restoration Services will apply the Greener Shingles Rejuvenator bio-certified formula to your shingles, restoring your shingles notably closer to their original design characteristics. Independent 10 yr accelerated age testing revealed treatment of 14 yr old shingles chemically aged 8X less and displayed nearly 10X less mass loss (physical breakdown) than the same shingles left untreated, that is HUGE! The treatment greatly increases flexibility, allowing for expansion and contraction, increasing protective granular adhesion by 86%, improving wind and hail resistance, and helps eliminate black spots and streaks by isolating the food source the algae that causes these needs to survive. Shingle Restoration Services can add 5 to 15 yrs to your roof, depending upon the extent of degrade at the time of treatment. The process is 3rd party verified by PRI Asphalt Technologies. PRI is a globally recognized, accredited, independent testing and evaluation service. Best of all, the process will save you up to 85% over roof replacement and can be typically within 90 minutes, no fuss and no mess! We also offer roof soft wash for those roofs with excessive black streaks and moss. This will provide immediate results and boost curb appeal.

How much does Rejuvenation cost.

The process is priced per job according to accessibility, amount of surface and roof pitch. Typically, the process costs 80-85% less than replacement and can extend the lifespan of the shingles by 5-15 years depending on how deteriorated the roof is at application. We generally charge between 70 cents to $1.10/ sq ft. The 70 cents will apply single story, gable to gable, up to 4/12 pitch (easily walkable) with few obstacles and $1.10 to steep roofs and more obstacles. Licking County Homes Average between $1500 and $2000 but can vary based on home size, roof pitch and accessibility.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, the process has a 5-year non-prorated transferable warranty when applied prior to excessive wear.

What will my shingles look like?

The process will darken the shingles immediately just as concrete darkens when wet. In the following months the black streaks and organic matter will begin to wash off the original color will be revealed. The shingles will also become more flexible and begin to lay flatter.

How long will the process take?

The typical home is completed within about 2 hours, with the included roof tune-up, from start to finish.

Is the process safe?

We provide the Rejuvenation process by applying the Greener Shingles Rejuvenator formula. This formula is USDA bio-certified and is harmless to plants, animals and humans when applied as intended.

Will this fix my leaks

No this product will restore and extend the life of your existing roof, assisting in preventing future issues but it does not fix leaks. We will address popped nails, exposed nails and lose fasteners in flashings at no extra cost with our included Roof-tune-up. Lose shingles, missing shingles and faulty flashings can be addressed at and additional charge. This service followed by the rejuvenation process that will extend the useful life of your roof up to 15 years while saving you considerable money.

Will it kill moss?

The short answer is yes. The oil will eventually choke out the moss and most of it will be washed away in the elements. If you are wanting instant cleaning, we offer a soft wash for roofs where a bleach solution is applied to the shingles and kills it on contact. This cleaning should be followed by the rejuvenation process to offset any damage created from the moss.

Will it clean my roof?

While not a cleaner, the process does kill and eliminate the majority of black spots and streaks that are actually algae, revealing your true shingle color. The Rejuvenator will penetrate the shingles and isolate the food source the algae needs to survive. In addition, the Greener Shingle Rejuvenator will kill moss and environment it thrives in, however, it will take several seasons for the moss to wash away and thick moss may need to be removed with light agitation. If an instant change is desired, we offer an actual soft wash for roofs followed by the Rejuvenation process.