Roof Rejuvenation

Maximize The Life of Your Roof and Avoid Roof Replacement


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A full roof replacement can be costly and time-consuming. That's why you'll want to keep your roof in great condition for as long as possible. If you live in the Granville, OH area, let Shingle Restoration Services help you get the most out of your roof. Our full roof restorations are the perfect way to refresh your roof and keep it in superb condition.

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Our 3 Step Rejuvenation Process

#1 Inspection

We closely examine the condition of your roof. We are focused on finding failed or faulty fasteners, seals, shingles and flashings. We document these deficiencies to qualify your roof for Rejuvenation. If your roof qualifies, we will present an estimate for repair and Rejuvenation. A Tune-up is included with our Rejuvenation process.

#2 Maintenance

Once the estimate has been approved, we address the deficiencies discovered in the inspection, bringing them up to standard, ensuring your roof is sound.

#3 Rejuvenation

The last step of the process is the application of the Greener Shingles Rejuvenator. The Rejuvenator will restore flexibility and the original design characteristics allowing your shingles to perform much like they did when they were new. The combination of Maintenance and Rejuvenation will give your roof the 1-2 punch it needs to fight off the elements for years to come.